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Yeah, that graphic is horrible, but still does the job!

hi there!
I started this website on January 7th, 2013, after looking at devices to prevent snoring.
Snorax is my play on "Snore" + "Ax", a tool to cut the snoring out of your life.
The SnorAx is made from a simple part of plastic toothpaste tube, with a slot that leaves room for whatever that thing is under our tongue.
The SnorAx is a tongue holding devices that aims at keeping your tongue off your throat and ease up the snoring.

BEWARE: If you decide to make a SnorAx and use it, make sure you don't injure your tongue.
Look at various toothpaste tube sizes to find one that matches your tongue.
Don't buy tubes made of aluminium... ouchy.

I used a simple tube of Tom's Of Maine White Peppermint toothpaste ($6).
I poured out the remainder of toothpaste (because I could not wait till
it was finished, ha!) into a plastic baggie.
About 2 1/4 inches from the flat end, I cut across the tube with a pair of scissors
(small scissor tool on my swiss army knife), then I made the slot. See picture above.
It might be hard to make the slot with big scissors. You don't want to make the slot too big.
Go slow, do it right, you don't want poky edges to stick you when you put it on.
At first the Snorax was too long, so I re-did the cut a few times until it felt right.
If you mess up, wait till your next tube of toothpaste is empty and try again!
Rinse the tube well. The peppermint still stings!
Don't use tubes with non edible stuff in them... don't get poisonned!

March 2013 update: for me, the snorax had an immediate effect. No snoring when I put it on.
Afer a week of use, my tongue got trained to lay flat, and to touch behind my bottom front teeth.
I was able to spend about a month snore free without even wearing the snorax
But sadly the cure is not permanent, and slowly my tongue curled back toward the throat,
and the snoring and pudginess came back so I'm back to wearing the snorax for another week or so.
Typical use: I lay flat on my back, put the snorax on and zonk out,
and in the morning I find it neatly placed beside me, so
obviously my hand takes it out at some point during the night. Bad hand! :-)
Seems the protocol w Snorax is 1 week on, 3 weeks off, and repeat monthly.
Not so bad for something you can make for almost free. Good luck! sincerely,
- - Remy
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